Travis Kelce’s publicist created an emoji on a photo of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift recently posted on Instagram that Travis Kelce’s publicity Pia Malihi is being made into an online issue.  After publishing this post, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have sparked a new controversyIntroducing the Best Publicity Ever Travis Kelce’s publicist reposted the same picture of Taylor Swift with a clown face emoji, even if it’s an accident, no publicity.

 According to Sukta K PR Company, he is a good leader with world views and sharp instincts.  Family and the best locations of all our branches can be easily reached pia Malehi is the Kansas City Chiefs star tight end’s publicist and she just made unwanted waves with her latest Instagram post. Now when Taylor Swift fans found out, Pia got very angry with Malihi and some fans started making fun on Twitter, etc. According to some reports suggested by the Spin,malihi was not doing this on purpose.  She was just sharing her birthday messages, she didn’t know that it wouldn’t be pleasant for Taylor Swift fans.

Early life

Travis Kelce was born on October 5, 1999, in Westlake, Ohio to Ed Kelce, a steel mill sales representative, and Donna Kells, a former bank executive.  He is a football player who plays center for the Philadelphia Eagles 14. Travis Kelce received a scholarship to the University of Cincinnati and began playing football alongside his brother Jason Kelce, the starting left guard for the Cats.  Playing outside tight end quarterback in 2009, he had 19 rushes for 47 yards with one reception for three yards and two touchdowns in 2009.  He did not play on the team for some time after it was revealed that he had failed a drug test by testing positive for the patient Vana 20 21.  He came back with and for the season he was seen as a tight end his hard work and focus in games and failed drug test led him to form a significant relationship with Kallis’ roommate and childhood friend Andre Eanes, Enes and his twin brother set up a sports company that plays a key role in managing business ventures. Their partnership began an important journey to build the Kelce brand

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relations

Talk about Travis Kelce’s relationship When dating one of the biggest superstars in the world, one would expect a little more attention. When asked how he felt about everything now, he replied, “As you’re the center of attention, it feels like I’m alone in the world after the Super Bowl, and Now I’m more prominent in the world. Is he handling all his new looks amid rumors with Swift then I said he’s just learning how to take pictures of Papa Zari from places.

“They understand Taylor Select’s reputation and you have a lot of people who have a lot of respect for Total Swift and that’s why,” Kelis said. And at the end of the day, I’ve always been pretty good at compartmentalizing and keeping my focus so I go with them.

Travis Kelce’s net worth so far

Travis Kelce is in the third year of a $57.25 million contract, making $14.3 million per season through 2026. The Chiefs recently stated that the NFL’s salary cap restriction is something that frustrates him.  With that podcast is here to stay and entertain millions of people right now as the most popular podcast in the world, the duo is making quite a bit of money.  And more with brands like Travis Kelce. This gives them an estimated ownership of Chance Millions, but we believe that in the next five years will grow rapidly and earn good money and at that time their total net worth is around $56 million

Questions to be asked

1. Who is the manager of Travis Kelce?

Amanda Santa is the wife of Aaron Ennis, Travis’ manager

2. Where did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce meet?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce meet on the field at the championship game, they hug and kiss and Travis grabs the microphone, and tells Taylor he loves her, Taylor Swift says, ‘I’m proud of Travis Kelce’ happened

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