How long can bettas fish go without food?

Betta fish you know is everyone’s favorite pet because everyone is interested in it because of its beauty due to its bright colors and interesting behavior and spread across a wide range of situations. With the ability to thrive and like all living things, you know that every animal needs food to survive, and especially

when it comes to fish, there are times when you Do not know. So it becomes very important to know about this fish and what to feed and water the fish to keep it healthy. Keeping betta fish is like a big responsibility but sometimes there are some situations that you have to do.

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If you have to go out of the house for an outing with family or business meetings you have to stay out of the house for about a week, so if you are keeping fish at home, then you must be worried about How long can bettas go without food. You are worried that it might die of hunger. This article explains how a betta fish can survive without food.

Is it possible for betta fish to survive without consuming food or water?

Yes, betta fish can survive without eating proper food. The main reason for surviving without eating or drinking is that there is a lack of food in their habitats and the hard body of these fishes is used to living without eating. Such fish can survive without food for days to a maximum of two weeks. Although such fish are not accustomed to hunger, they also become stressed if they are not fed for a long time.

I have observed that such fishes are generally strong in body, but without food, they become weak, although starvation does not kill them, due to lack of food, they get diseases that are fatal to them. These can be deadly, so we advise you not to leave them exposed for long periods if you are keeping these fish.

Three factors elucidate how betta fish can endure periods without being fed

Tank Access

It is also very important to know the conditions of the bowl or tank in which you keep the betta fish. As much food as the fish needs, it also likes a good and clean environment. A gallon is small and if you don’t even pay attention to cleaning it, your fish won’t want to live in it, because the conditions inside the tanks are very poor due to lack of cleanliness.

can live but it is very difficult for it to live in dirty water so a fish has to face death due to lack of a clean environment therefore, it is essential that the tank in which the batfish lives is open so that the fish can move around easily in an open tank and live in a peaceful state without suffocation.. fish farmers take care of all these things so that the fish can survive all these things Don’t face it.

Tank Water Filtration

It is also imperative that the water in the tank in which the fish live is clean. The easiest way to keep this water clean is the availability of a filter in the tank. Having a filter in the tank helps to remove the dirty particles of agricultural food and all the dirt inside the tank and if this filter is not available, the dirt in the tank increases which is harmful to the fish.

But if you change the water in the up tank daily, it is not necessary to have a filter, so all fish keepers should change the water daily or install a filter so that the fish can easily live in clean water. 

Well-being of Betta Fish

If you keep meta fish with other fish, they will not react equally because small betta fish are better than big meta fish. Because smaller betta fish do not have access to food, they are healthier than larger betta fish. But still, we should not starve them for too long to improve their health.

Causes of Betta Fish Not Eating Their Food

There can be many reasons for not eating betta fish. If you are at home and have no intention of going out, you are very worried if it refuses to feed even in your presence. What is the problem? Many factors affect a fish’s appetite and make it starve. She is not attuned to environmental issues other than the room she is living in, including the rapid flow of water.

If you feed the betta fish according to its preferences, it will not stop eating very quickly. Start with live foods first, as you know betta fish’s favorite foods are daphnia and bloodworms, which they enjoy eating. Also, if you want to give another food but the fish refuses to eat it, you should keep feeding it for a few days because you don’t want your fish to go a day without eating. So feed your betta fish more of its favorite food to keep it healthy.


You know how long can bettas go without food is talking about and they can’t live without eating. In this article, we are told that it can survive without food but gets sick. You all know that no fish can survive without water but if you are keeping it at home, taking care of it becomes even more difficult as you have to provide it with clean water and good food. All of this has to be taken care of because fish have a strict feeding regime if they are living somewhere in rivers or oceans but if you keep them in a bowl at home or anywhere, that is your right. Protect them. And you have to take good care of it to keep it alive.

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